NuWest builders has thrived through the best and worst markets of the past twelve years. Pricing is directly affected by these market adjustments. Cost to build increases as demand for new homes increases. As markets take a downturn, pricing has typically dropped for new construction.

nuWest has thrived during market changes due to not accepting this to the extent most builders will. Never being satisfied with following the crowd, we have drastically expanded in-house resources at times when needed to control price increases and downsized resources when outside services tend to be less costly. Thus allowing us to remain more constant in our pricing and being able to offer drastically more than our competitors when markets drive pricing up.

We will show you how to build a far more exciting and luxurious home than any other builder, for less. We have perfected it for more than a decade. Call us today, we can offer you a quick budget and give you the following structure options to pricing

  • Cost plus - typical of most building projects in this region
  • Cost plus nothing- fixed builder fee - will not adjust regardless of cost we make the same fee
  • Fixed bid - this is more typical of smaller projects or commercial
  • Hybrid fixed bid- this is a very good option for the client as well. Fixed bid on a large portion of the project, with only a select portion having allowances, i.e - cabinets, appliances, tile, flooring. This structure works well when all finishes are selected in advance and all structural designs are without unknowns that would effect cost, thus allowing nuWest to obtain fixed bids from subcontractors.
All our projects are billed through an outside contract billing service to assure that nothing is overlooked and no mistakes are made by anyone involved as well as keeping all subcontractors insurance up to date and the project in compliance with all Montana lien law requirements. These are critical items often times missed by Builders, that many times lead to a nightmare for the Owner. Your projects financial documents are totally transparent and owned by you. Each month you are supplied with a copy of every invoice for your projects associated costs as well as all lien releases. The billing service is available to you at any time to provide additional documentation.